Keeping Kids Safe

Thousands of children and young people go to BOUNCE venues each year and participate in the programs and services offered.

We take our responsibility for keeping children and young people safe very seriously. We follow clear policies and practices that aim to keep children and young people who participate in our programs and services safe.

In a safe and supportive environment, programs and services are provided so children and young people:
· feel safe and protected from harm;

· help plan activities and make decisions; and

· have their best interests considered and upheld.

BOUNCE has developed a Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy that is designed to help ensure BOUNCE venues are safe and supportive places for children and young people to attend. Screening every BOUNCE team member through the working with children check (or state equivalent) is a part of the strategy.

We encourage parents/guardians to report any concerns relating to the safety or wellbeing of their own or other child(ren) or young person in a BOUNCE venue. This can be done:
(a) by speaking to our staff in person; or

(b) by contacting the BOUNCE Child Protection Officer on 03 9811 5000 or

Click below to view the Keeping Kids Safe policy documents.
· Child Version

· Young Persons Version

· Parent Version